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Bamboo Buildings

Hale Pueo | Kauai, HI

Hale Pueo is the first stage of a custom project for an inspiring family working towards bringing awareness to alternative ways of living and occupying space - closer to nature. The structure is 24' x 36' and is used to protect a school bus from the weather while also creating an outdoor covered space. The next stages of the project will transform the bus and structure into an environment where one can have a closer experience with nature - the bamboo structure, open character and clear roofing create a space with a great sense of peace and contact with the surrounding natural elements.

Visit our blog for construction images and details.


Molokai High School

Sponsored by Sustainable Molokai we built this structure for a food processing station for school grown produce.  This structure was engineered by Druc Engineering who has been working with us for some time now.  This was erected with volunteers in Molokai and all who worked on it were astounded by how stiff and strong the structure felt.

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