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Bamboo Sheds

Bamboo Tractor Shed | Kula, HI

The building is our newest bamboo kit - it uses a triple pier foundation that is composed of one vertical and two angled columns to provide more lateral stability. The individual elements were pre-fabricated at WWB and assembled on site in 2 days.

Pre-Manufactured Bamboo Kit: $3900
(plastic roof/siding + installation not included)

** Visit our blog for more images and details.

Mahele Farm Processing Shed | Hana, HI

To help with the processing of produce and distribution of goods we build this structure with the Ma Ka Hana Ka Ike program.  The students of the program did all the work under the supervision of Rich.  The siding is 2 x 6 t and g and lends itself to the bamboo framework nicely.  The red  finish on the bamboo is a cetol product called mahogany stain.  The roof is 24 guage corrugated roofing.

Pre-manufactured Kit: $   |   Installation: $

*roofing not included

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