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As our project is always evolving and developing new programs, we undertake new challenges and participate in new community endeavors on the islands and beyond. Whether you found our postcard at a local coffee shop or stopped by our “Bambooth” at an event, stay in touch you may be involved in our future adventures!

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July 2014 Biochar Demonstration Using Bamboo and an Adam's Retort - Kipahulu

Rich VonWellsheim conducted an informative demo of basic biochar production and the use of biochar in composts and farm fertilizers. The wide range of attendees made for very interesting questions on how to use this process, soil revitalization and various other concerns.














April 2013 Build-Your-Own Bamboo Sawhorse Workshop - Kipahulu

A full day workshop was conducted to learn and work with this wonderful sustainable material. We discussed engineering characteristics of bamboo, its' advantages and challenges of the tube shape and their finishes. Joinery techniques showing fish mouth, mortise and tenon and end plugging were demonstrated. Our bamboo propagation nursery, plantation management, harvesting, post harvesting methods, and bamboo structures were topics of interest.

April 2013: East Maui Taro Festival - Hana

Our “Bambooth” displayed our selection of bamboo plants, fruit trees, and bamboo products. Much interest was shown for bamboo species and methods of construction. East Maui Taro Festival website.

April 2013: Haiku Flower Festival - Haiku Community Center

Selections of bamboo plants, fruit trees, and bamboo products were available for sale and new friends were made. Haiku Flower Festival website.

April 2013: Body and Soil Conference - Maui Tropical Plantations

Building and Maintaining Local Fertility ~ Lecture by Seth Raabe

Passionate about the Hawaiian land and plant life, Seth is dedicated to sustainable food production, land restoration, and education. His knowledge and desire for sharing it is truly appreciated by the Maui community. Body and Soil Conference website.

April 2013: Maui County Agricultural Festival - Maui Tropical Plantations

The Maui County Farm Bureau along with the farmers, ranchers and agricultural allies presented the annual Maui County Agricultural Festival to share agriculture‚Äôs vital role in the economy, environment, and lifestyle of Maui. We attend this event to show our support for sustainable agriculture and to promote the culture of bamboo on Maui. Maui County Agricultural Festival website.