Plant Nursery

Nearly all of the bamboo listed on the Bamboo Species page is availabe in 1, 2, and 5 gallon sized pots. For your convenience you can Download/View/Printwe our current Bamboo Species Brochure.

In addition to our bamboo, we also have a range of fruit and landscape trees available, including our favorite, the Amherstia nobilis pictured below right. Please call for more information.


Whispering Winds Bamboo Cooperative also offers the following plants. Talk to our nursery experts for more detail about these species. 

Pua keni keni - also known as the Perfume Flower Tree, is a small spreading tree or a large shrub

African Gardenia - are evergreen shrubs and small trees with broad, dark green and glossy leaves

Hala - or Pandanus is a tree that grows to 13 - 46 feet tall

Peach Palm - is a beautiful addition to your edible landscape it's fruit is a basic source of energy replacing grains in other cultures

Kukui - grows to a height of 49 - 82 feet with wide spreading or pendulous branches

Alahe'e - 

Nene leau - 

Ixora odorata - 

Baby panda - 

Cacao tree - is a small 13--26 ft tall evergreen tree, its seeds,cocoa beans, are used to make cocoa mass, cocoa powder, and chocolate

Mamaki - is a small tree that reaches a height of 30 ft

Kaimana Lychee - is an evergreen tree with delicate, whitish pulp edible fruit

Brazil Plum Tree - 

Miracle berry - is a shrub that grows between 6 to 15 feet and has dense foliage

Bamboo Species:
Bambusa ventricosa Buddha belly - 

Lako - a beautiful bamboo with shiny chocolate black culms stand out against brilliant green new shoots

Nastus - Beautiful and delicious, they are famous as the only bamboo with shoots that can be eaten raw. A lush display of fine leaves and weeping culms make this a graceful ornamental.

Green Malay - A vigorous, all green vase-shaped bamboo with large leaves and thick-walled 1-2" 
culms. Great as mid-sized hedge