Rich, one of the owners of Whispering Winds Bamboo farm, loves his life and enjoys creating sustainable agricultural models. His favorite timber species of bamboo is Guadua angustafolia and landscaping species is Sacred Bali bamboo. Rich moved to Maui 24 years ago to follow Virginia, and after starting Laulima Farms with her, ended up taking over the bamboo business.


Virginia, another member of the Whispering Winds family, was born a twin and learned to share from the womb. She came to Kipahulu in 1987. Her true loves are her family, growing food and medicine, hula, nature, and preparing and eating whole beautiful foods.


Ryan, one of the owners of Whispering Winds Bamboo farm, enjoys all the various activities that farm life brings. His favorite species of bamboo is dendrocalamus latiflorus. Ryan started working on the farm in 1999, and has since realized that the end of the road is paradise. He enjoys a moped ride down to Laulima Fruit Stand for a social call and a refreshing beverage.


Passionate about design, Yuliya has been working with Whispering Winds Bamboo since 2010, when she first came to Hawaii during her architecture studies at MIT. Working on a bamboo building project, she completely fell in love with the material and the magical islands... Focusing her thesis on developing a bamboo joinery technique, she has been working with WWB to further explore the building applications of bamboo through the design and building of our kit structures.


Mabel, the only herbivore on the farm, enjoys eating things, making meadow muffins, and Virginia's attention. She's indifferent when it comes to bamboo, but has been known to favor some of the lower hanging avocados in the orchard.


The newest edition to the farm, Cino, loves everyone and is having the greatest time here at Ola Honua. He is usually busy making friends with visitors or the cats. He enjoys rearranging socks and slippers that we leave on the porch. Cino brings out the best in everyone who lays eyes on him.

The Cows

Ferdinand, Ekahi, Umi, and the Zebus (miniature cows) are an awesome asset here on the farm. They are tremendous in our more mature forest plots, helping us to maintain the grasses that can get 6 feet tall. Tromping down the grass and fertilizing as they go makes it so much easier for us to follow behind and cut out invasive species and prune lower branches on our timber trees.